Apples and Regret and Wasted Time by Cornelia Grey

Title: Apples and Regret and Wasted Time
Author: Cornelia Grey
Publisher: Storm Moon Press
Pages: 13
Characters: The cop and the criminal/Ex-Lovers
POV: 1st person
Setting: The City
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Drama
Cover Rating: 4
Kisses: 5


He lives in the shadows of the law. Now, wounded and stranded in the city after a job only he could do, he has no qualms about climbing through the window his old lover left open—or stealing his shampoo, at that. He has, however, not taken into account the possibility of being surprised in the shower.

Three years is a long time to go between visits, especially if you’ve left so much anger and hurt and desire unresolved. They try to negotiate a truce for one night—over Chinese takeaway leftovers and apples, and between the sheets.


”Always leave them wanting more.” It’s an adage that I, personally, believe comes with some conditions. But if done successfully, is one of the highest compliments to an author.

Cornelia Grey got it just right with Apples and Regret and Wasted Time, the bittersweet story of two men—ex-lovers, an officer of the law and an assassin, men on opposite ends of the ethical spectrum—who are reunited after a three year separation, out of necessity and convenience more than desire. No, this is not a reunion meant to repair a relationship; it is a meeting perpetuated by a violent act and nothing more than the need for time and a place to regroup.

They are nameless men who live in a nameless city. They might be anyone, anywhere. The names aren’t important, though, as the sense of disconnect and despair, in spite of their obvious desire for each other, does not demand an identity. If anything must be named, it, like the apple’s symbol, might be called temptation, and it is temptation to which they succumb, all the while knowing that regardless of how much they want each other physically, they cannot come to a compromise emotionally.

Sometimes opposites attract but differences can also divide. Simply because two people share a history doesn’t guarantee a future together, and sometimes the past has to stay in the past.

There are no happy endings to this tale but the author, in just thirteen pages, lured me in completely and made me wish for one. It was a temptation to want more for these two men, even though I understood they couldn’t give me what I wanted. Sometimes temptation is just impossible to resist.

Reviewed By: Lisa


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