Natural Instincts by S.J. Frost

Title: Natural Instincts
Author: S.J. Frost
Publisher: MLR Press
Pages: 247
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Paranormal Romance
Book Cover Rating: 4.5
Kisses: 5


Andreas Nikandros has one focus, to kill the vampire he believes murdered his sister, and he knows with their greater strength, the surest way to kill a vampire is to become one. As a zoologist, he’s used to looking at the world from a natural standpoint, but when he sets out on a quest to find a vampire to Turn him, what he finds in Titus Antonius Calidus is the last thing he expected.

Titus has lived for over a thousand years, and in that time has only ever given his heart to one man. As they follow their natural instincts, they discover something truly worth living forever for, each other.


I think S.J. Frost is a vampire, or has close connections to a den of them because let me tell you, she gets her reader so lost in their world it’s almost as if she dares you to say no, they do not exist. Personally, I prefer to get lost in S.J.’s world and believe they do if they’re all like the ones she tells her readers about. Now, I’m going to be honest here, and while I’m doing that I’m also holding up a shield to hide from whatever item you have in your hand that you just may want to throw at me. This is the very first S.J. Frost title I’ve had the chance and opportunity to read for the review site and now when I have a free moment I plan on meeting her other vamps.

S.J. set the stage wonderfully and brought in two amazing and very strong men in this story. Titus, an ancient vampire and Andreas, a zoologist with one goal in mind. Andreas wants to kill the vampire he believes murdered his sister and he sets out with strong determination to get this done. He wants to be Turned so that he is able to fight on even ground with the Vampire he intends on killing, but nothing is ever that easy. He’s so bold and brave in his quest, and then he comes across the one who killed her and he’s laughed at, beaten, and saved all in the same night.

He’s saved by Titus, and his future is forever changed. There is no going back from that moment on and he’s well aware of this fact. He wants what he wants and is willing to do what it takes so that he can get his revenge, but Titus, a very wise Vampire, tells him if he agrees to live with him for thirty days, to see on the inside what being a Vampire is like day in and day out, he’ll consider turning Andreas but not before that time.

During that month Andreas learns a lot, and with each passing day his hunger for revenge lessens until it’s gone and replaced by love. Their union is so very powerful, so very emotional, and so very real, that I didn’t want the story to end. I could have kept on reading them, almost hoping for a journal of their life together. Especially when I met my favorite in this book. Daniel.

Daniel grabbed me from the second he stepped onto the page and wrapped my heart. He’s snippy, snarky, sarcastic, and snide. But, he’s also alone, lonely, and a big part of Titus’ past. He does a magnificent job as the ex and did nothing I thought he’d do upon meeting him. And talk about adorable? Wait until you see what he looks like. Or, read what he looks like.

S.J. did such a great job fleshing these characters out that I could see them as I read their story. She set up the scene without over doing it, and wrote with an easy gentle voice. She made them as real as me and you. One of the funniest parts that I really laughed about is when Andreas and Titus are on the couch watching one of the Saw movies and Titus is sucking on Andrea’s wrist, sorta like snacking I guess you’d call it, sucking bits of blood and Andreas said something along the lines of, “Watching gory or scary movies is like Vampire Porn to you, isn’t it?” What a hoot!

Insider secret: S.J. is now working on Daniel’s story!! However, she won’t spill who his other half will be. Waiting on the edge here, S.J. Just sayin’….

Reviewer: Michele


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