The Tourist by Clare London

Title: The Tourist
Author: Clare London
Publisher: Carina Press
Pages: 118
POV: 1st
Book Cover Rating: 5
Kisses: 5

Visiting isn’t a science, at least not for me. It’s justwhat I do. Not that I mind, though. It’s not a bad thing, you understand, tofind yourself in someone else’s body, stepping into a hot shower stark-nakedand sporting a decent-sized morning wood.Ace is a tourist. A spirit who spends his time visiting the lives of others forentertainment and sexual satisfaction. He can’t make anyone do anything theyaren’t willing to do-but he is able to push them to their personal limits.He’s currently visiting Dan and his lover, Ricky-a couple struggling withjealousy and words left unsaid. Emboldened by Ace, Dan becomes more sexually aggressive,a pleasant surprise for Ricky. But when an abusive ex threatens their newfoundhappiness, how far will Ace want to get involved? Will his fascination with thecouple’s sexual games tempt him to protect them from a very real physicaldanger?

Ms. London is just as amazing as her stories and charactersare. She took a different approach here with this story, used the 1st person ina way I’ve never seen it used, and gave me a hell of a ride. The Tourist is astory about Ace, a ghost who is able to jump into someone’s body and becomethat person. And the author uses him to tell the story in the first person nomatter whose body he’s in. At first I got a little confused, I admit this, butI kept at it. Ace steps into Dan’s body first, ends up in the bathroom wherehis lover Ricky is taking a shower and Dan, (Ace) is feeding us the story. Ahot sex in the shower scene takes place and Ace gives us the inner wants ofDan, meaning, Dan is a natural Dom type, Alpha man. But from what I got, he neverallowed that part out with Ricky and we find out why soon enough.
When Ace jumps over to Ricky, we are taught about theirrelationship in another voice. We see how Ricky thinks, feels, sees, all of it.He has an amazing personality but he’s not all together as committed to Dan asDan is to him due to his ex who took BDSM to the extreme with the younger man.Though he loves Dan, he can’t seem to let go of the man who abused him.
During that time we learn about who Ace is, was, and whyhe’s a ghost and really, when you read that part, it’s bound to bring tears toyour eyes because you know what happened to him, probably really did happenback in the day.
Enter the ex and Ace finds himself in his body/mind now. AndAce’s personality as a ghost is altered while in that body/mind. It’swonderfully done and I applaud Clare for the angst and drama. I could not stopreading this story and I’m glad I was the lucky reviewer to get it.
I do want to say this one thing: This story reminded me ofan old TV show called Quantum Leap. “Theorizing that one could time travelwithin his own lifetime…” However, Ace is a ghost, so we are dealing with aunique tale. As I said I was a bit confused because I didn’t know if it was Aceor one of the others talking to me due to the memories in their heads. Thisstory requires you to pay attention but don’t stress yourself out about it.Relax and get into the character Ace is playing. He really is a loveable ghost,who is after one thing and one thing only—or so he says. “Ispent my days cruising men for fun, for desire…not so much for love.” Andthis is very relevant to the story because he looks at it as improving men’ssex lives. Then he meets Dan and Ricky.
I strongly encourage you to pick thisone up and get lost with the cast of characters Ace plays. BTW: Ace is myfavorite character in the book. He became that upon telling his story.
Reviewer: Michele

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