Review of Long, Lonely Howl by Lyn Gala

Title: Long Lonely Howl

Author: Lyn Gala
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 170
POV: 3rd Book
Cover Rating:4
Kisses: 4
Although Casey Keller loves his life as a YMCA counselor, making a difference in the lives of inner-city kids, his personal life is a mess. He loves Adam, his live-in boyfriend, but he can’t deal with him. He misses Nathan, an old lover and current friend, but there’s a distance between them Casey can’t overcome. He’s starting to fear that he’s the one constantly ruining any chance he has for happiness. But life is about to change: a trip to the California mountains to escape the pressures of city life will introduce him to a world he never knew existed, where creatures out of mythology and fiction roam and men run in packs
Lyn Gala has come through to me as a talented writer. She’s taken me from the BDSM world to the paranormal world in three books. And having read Out of Balance and Gathering Storm, I wasn’t sure how she would do with a Were story. Shame on me for doubting this very gifted writer.
I absolutely fell in love with the characters in this book. Casey Keller is a man who dedicates his life to the kids at the Y as a counselor. He fills in for the their parents, he listens to them, supports them in their endeavors, he pushes them to get more out of life through education and the kids respect him and trust him. That in itself is an accomplishment. Yet, no matter how right he is for his job, he’s completely missing the mark at home. He lives with his boyfriend of two years, a cute guy Adam who is very out of the closet and artistic. Adam loves Casey, he maybe in love with Casey, who really knows but Adam, but Casey can’t give that back to Adam and it all comes to a head one night before an awards ceremony that will take place to honor a couple kids from the Y. Casey hasn’t stepped out of the closet at the work place as of then and refuses to invite his lover to the event.
While Casey’s personal life is taking a head first dive to the middle of nowhere, he decides to spend some time with a one time lover and his best friend Nathan. Who is also the man Casey is madly in love with. However, nothing is as it seems in Casey’s world and when he sees Vince for the first time, instead of omg’ing, I was laughing my ass off. Poor Casey needs therapy.
I spent most of my reading time with this story laughing out loud. That Casey is spunky, snarky, and just adorable! Nathan is all Alpha, and the other characters really liven this piece up. What follows is not your typical werewolf story, we’re offered a different view on how they’re made and how they live. I actually enjoyed Lyn’s view, and loved spending time with all of the characters involved in the making of this quirky interesting tale. My favorite character? Vince. You have to read it to meet him though. I strongly encourage you to get your copy today.
Reviewer: Michele

Be sure to watch for Lyn’s next book “Moral Vacancies” due later this summer.


Three years ago, Carl Ragar turned on the mob. When circumstances put him front and center for the murder of an innocent bystander, his conscience couldn’t handle any more, but that meant turning on his mentor, a man he admired and lusted after. Petroc “Pete” Barbu never apologized for his job as an enforcer. However, he never planned to get himself or his young partner involved in the murder of a reporter. When Carl turned state’s evidence, Pete couldn’t even pretend to be surprised.
Now it’s three years later. Pete’s still on the run, and Carl hasbeen unceremoniously dumped out of witness protection. Two men tangled in their own pasts will have to face the moral vacancies that drove them both to make disastrous choices. Once they were partners who trusted each other with their lives; now they may need to put even more trust in one another as they struggle to save their own souls. 

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