Catalyst by S.L. Armstrong and K. Piet

Author: S.L. Armstrong and K. Piet
Publisher: Expected Publication
Pages: 128
POV: 3rd
Genre: BDSM
Book Cover Rating: 4


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Logan Walker has a problem. He has a blood fetish. A compulsion he can’t seem to control. After almost killing his newest submissive, Logan decides enough is enough and seeks help. Help happens to be in the form of an athletic, smart psychologist by the name of Dr. Kasper Bromley.

Kasper, though, soon finds himself swept up in the fantasies Logan came to him to help control. Reluctantly throwing his ethics to the wind, Kasper submits himself to Logan, gambling his career, his future, and his heart on a man who craves his blood and submission.


Dare to push that envelope, K. Piet and S.L.!!

It’s not often you will find a BDSM book which deals with someone and their blood fetish, never mind getting into the mind of the character with it and feeling their agony of losing all control much like a person jonesing for a cigarette or a drink, or drugs. There is no skipping around the plot here, if you pick up this book to read, expect to see the truth of things. These two authors push their readers and I’m glad for it. I like when the writer can take me out of my comfy chair and into the thrilling lives of their characters.

A Dom who has a blood fetish, a therapist who has the strong urge to be the perfect sub, when these two men get together all sorts of things go on, including but not limited to spankings, canings, and hot sex. But watch out, there’s more, there’s so much more.

Reviewer: Michele

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