>Breaking Faith by M. King


Breaking Faith
Author: M. King
Publisher: Alpheratz Press
Pages: 234
Characters: Brett Derwent & Tommy Hawks
POV: 3rd
Book Cover Rating: 3


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Soon-to-be medical student Brett Derwent thinks he has everything all planned out. That is, until he meets Tommy Hawks. Over the course of one incredible summer in Northern Montana, this easy-going, kind-hearted guy turns Brett’s life upside down…but Tommy isn’t everything he seems.

Brutalized by his violent father, desperate to protect his mother and four siblings, and terrified of losing the love he never expected to find, Tommy is pushed to the edge.

When Tommy’s father is found dead, Brett must face some impossible questions: how much is he willing to sacrifice for Tommy, and will having faith in him be enough?


Breaking Faith is an amazing portrayal of first love, young love, and a forever love all in one story. It is a coming of age tale that follows the lives of two just out of high school young men who meet one another and the rest as they say is history. However, nothing about this relationship is easy or even considered normal by today’s or yesterday’s standards. They meet one summer afternoon and the roller coaster ride begins at that point. Nothing about their time together is easy. They live in a small Montana town and they’re not really out of the closet so to speak. A couple trips to eat or the movies are all they can manage between their other responsibilities.

Tommy is the young man being abused by his alcoholic father and his tale alone would break your heart, it did mine. He’s one of five kids, his mother is a spineless thing, his twin is lost in his own world of love, and his younger siblings rely on Tommy for everything. In one night, Tommy’s abuse goes overboard when he sees his father actions on one of his siblings and what Tommy does changes the course of his life forever.

Brett is the boy who falls deeply in love with Tommy. This young man knew what he wanted his whole life, he wanted to become a doctor, he had plans to go away to college, find other gay boys, hang out and just be free to be gay. He wanted to date, to have sex, and go to school. Not much different than anyone else heading off to start life on their own. Then he meets Tommy and his life is altered forever in the actions committed by Tommy.

To witness the two men in this story, the emotional journey they took together, the strength of them both, the love and devotion was nothing short of awesome. The author did a wonderful job of bringing them to life, of keeping it real, and down to earth with the believable plot. I have nothing but praise to M. King on a story well done. She covered all the important elements in creating a fictional story.

Reviewer: Michele

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