>Lost Treasure by Kate Sherwood


Lost Treasure
Author: Kate Sherwood
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 197
Characters: Kyle Chaplain, Ryan Summers
POV: 3rd person, Kyle’s Perspective
Scene Setting: Wetlake, Canada
Sub Genre: Contemporary
Book Cover Rating: 4


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When Kyle Champlain’s grandmother, Molly, passes away, he returns to Wetlake, Canada, to settle her estate. Kyle spent his summers in Wetlake as a child, and now he has the chance to renew his acquaintance with some old friends, including Ryan Summers, before going home to Chicago. But when Kyle tries to pressure Ryan into a business decision, their renewed friendship—and any possible attraction–is almost immediately on the rocks.

As Kyle begins to deliver the personalized bequests from Molly’s will, he meets an odd assortment of people from all walks of life and realizes he has a lot to learn about living and love. But he’ll have to fight his parents, suspicious beneficiaries, and Ryan’s fears if he plans to stay in Wetlake.


When Kyle Champlain returns to his grandmother Molly’s cottage on the shoreline of Muskoka Lake in Canada, it is as the executor of his deceased grandmother’s estate; to pack up her things, and sell her house. He hasn’t been to his grandmother’s cottage since he was 14, back then it was his home away from home. Every summer of his childhood was spent there; living with his grandmother, going on scavenger hunts, and playing with his best friend, Ryan. Until, one fateful day, the last summer he was there, when he was caught with Ryan, doing something not-so-innocent. The sort of something two young gay best friends might start doing together when they first start discovering their sexuality.

Now, as I said, he is back, this time though, he’s a 29 year old man. He lives in Chicago and owns a line of gyms with his business partner; he is successful and in peak physical form, and those are the important things in life, right? No? Well, maybe not, but that is a lesson Kyle still has yet to learn when this story begins.

Ryan Summers still lives in the small town he grew up in; he’s an accomplished carpenter and father to a spirited 11 year old, Sean. He’s not in a relationship, not married to Sean’s mother, although they are friends and he rents the shed on Molly’s property to do much of his carpentry work. The shed is on the same property that Kyle is trying to sell, but to do so, he will have to kick Ryan out of his workshop. Ryan’s lease, however, is solid and it has four and a half more years on it. So, Kyle will either have to find a lawyer who can detect a loophole in the lease or wait, rent out the cottage and sell in four years.

The longer Kyle stays in Wetlake though, cleaning out Molly’s cottage and getting it ready to sell, the more he recalls what he always loved about being there and what he loved about the boy he used to spend his summers with.

This was a charming tale about a first love, a lost love and a love that was found again.

Reviewer: Michelle

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