Dream Come True by DC Juris

Dream Come True

by DC Juris
Breathless Press
Pages: ebook
Characters: Tristan, Jinsu
POV: Third person
Setting: Earth
Sub Genre: Fantasy
Book Cover Rating: 5kisses

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Driven by dreams of his soul mate, Tristan, Jinsu steps through the portal to Earth, leaving all he has ever known behind. Little does he know that Tristan has had dreams too, but unlike Jinsu, Tristan doesn’t believe in them. When they meet, will they both discover that dreams really can come true?


Dream Come True is a blend of fantasy and contemporary romance presented in short story format, offering a nice payout for a very small investment of time.

The story begins in an alternate dimension, in a far away world that exists parallel to our own. Jinsu is being held as a traitor to his people for pursuing his forbidden visions of a man not of his world. In an attempt to escape his captors, Jinsu comes to the edge of a cliff and witnesses a view unlike any he’s ever seen.

Tristan is an artist whose ideal lover is born in his imagination and portrayed in a series of drawings he’s created. An accountant by day, and a visionary by night, Tristan dreams of a man called Jinsu, a man who exists in vivid detail in Tristan’s fantasies.

When reality and fantasy collide, with the help of a loving sacrifice made by Jinsu’s twin, the way is paved for the two worlds to meet and for passion to finally be realized.

DC Juris narrates skillfully, the characters’ motivations are genuine, and the plot is endearing and romantic. Reading Dream Come True was a pleasant way to spend an hour of my day.

Reviewer: Lisa


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  2. >Eek! Just realized I never said thank you for this review! THANK YOU!!! 🙂 Anon – Why thank you very much! It has been a long haul, hasn't it?!Jeff – ::blushes:: You're too kind, Sir! And I was thrilled and humbled to be invited to the anthology!


  3. >Lisa,I'm glad you enjoyed DC Juris' story. I've only read one of his writings, but it was fantastic. In fact, it was presented so well that we invited him to participate in an upcoming anthology project with us. I'm definitely going to take the time to read this one you just reviewed. Had I noticed that this book came through our inbox, I'd have snatched it up… but I'm glad you got to enjoy it. (Can I have dibs on the next one though?) LOLBTW, I want to go on record as saying that you, Lisa, are absolutely amazing. We are so fortunate to have you on our review team. As one reader stated earlier, your reviews are nothing less than profound.Keep up the great work… and DC: KEEP WRITING!! You're awesome!


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