>Review policy


Authors and Publishers…

Thank you for considering Michele and Jeff to review your books and conduct an interview with you, the creator.

We review all sub genres of M/M and gay fiction, including contemporary fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, historicals, westerns, paranormal, BDSM, erotica, and young adult.

We do accept e-books and print copies.

We will try to review every book received, and we promise to give you our honest opinion. We will not harp on minor errors for we all are human and we all make mistakes. At times we are likely to have criticisms, and we may not particularly love every book we have elected to review, but we will always focus more on the positive than the negative. Although we do not often expect to be faced with the unfortunate responsibility of posting a negative review, we will reluctantly do so when warranted. We know how important fiction is to an author, and it is not our goal to disparage the work of writers. We merely offer our opinions.

We give priority to our review books, and we will try to have ARC reviews published within a week of their release. If the book already has been released, we will work with the author or publisher on scheduling a date for the review.

We will occasionally have contests, so if you’d like to donate a copy of your book, please let us know before you are being spotlighted for the week.

We enjoy participating in Blog tours, author interviews, guest posts and/or giveaways. Generally, we prefer to read the book being promoted before publishing these types of posts.

Thank you again for your interest in our Blog, and we look forward to working with you.


Due to the new FTC regulations, we have added a source line to each of our reviews. If the source of the book is the publisher or author, we have received this book free of charge in order to read and review it. All of our reviews are fair and unbiased. The source of a book does not influence our opinion of the book itself.


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