Going Home by Max Vos

Title: Going Home
Author: Max Vos
Publisher: Max Vos
Length: 46,000 words
Characters: Carter Roberts, Carl Foltz and Matt Evans
POV: First
Kisses: 4.5


Journalist Carter Roberts was required to interview Carl Foltz and Matt Evans for an article on their lives. It was not an assignment he relished: he just wanted to get there, get it done and get out. Thinking about the subject matter made his stomach churn.
The interview reveals as much about himself as about the two men, and for the first time, Carter learns what a real home feels like. He never would have expected that meeting the two men would change his way of thinking—and his life—forever.


I wasn’t sure about reading this book, considering the fact it’s about gay incest that’s not brotherly, and a contemporary, however, I’m glad I did. Mr Vos handled the subject matter extremely delicately and the interviews meant you got Carl & Matt’s points of view even though it was first person from Carter’s point of view. And it is made very clear that it wasn’t a matter of the father using his authority/parenthood to start a relationship the son was unsure of, which I find made the story content easier to accept.

I have read incest stories before and enjoyed them. Like ménage stories, to me it is very romantic that people would love so much that they are willing to withstand the pain caused by the societal taboo. I also find the process of making the decision to go ahead fascinating.

Getting back to Going Home, the sex does happen quite quickly, but Mr Vos does give a reason for this (it’s brought up later in the book and I have experienced it myself), and the amount of sex is quite high but being a ménage and about men, it doesn’t feel unrealistic. The loving relationship between Carl and Matt is amazingly clear without actually being said (in most cases).

The author has a very blunt, straight-forward way of writing that I found I enjoyed, although it might put some people off.

Mr Vos says at the start of the book, “If you have any reason to think that you cannot or will not tolerate any type of mature subject matter, please do not continue. If you have any issues with any type of taboo, or what you may consider taboo material, please do not read. If you have a closed mind about any sexual activities whatsoever, please put this book down or delete it now. If you truly believe that love is love, then by all means, continue.” I would add that if you think there’s any chance you might enjoy it, please read it. I really enjoyed it and found the subject matter fascinating. This story is staying on my ereader.

Reviewed By: Alison


Barren by Anna Hedley

Title: Barren
Author: Anna Hedley
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Pages: 480 pages
Characters: Blair and Ren
POV: Third
Sub-Genre: High Fantasy
Kisses: 5+


All the women of Yarn have died. King Daniel sends out his twelfth best warrior, Blair. But having learned from the first eleven that warriors aren’t to be trusted, he orders Ren, scholar and advisor, to go with him.

Blair thinks the Amorphous, a race of formless and seemingly omniscient beings, know more about the death of the women than they’re saying. Ren suspects Blair’s prejudices are skewing his judgment, and they’re looking in the wrong place.

If they’re going to solve the mystery and set Yarn right, it’s going to take understanding on both their parts.


I wasn’t sure about this book, even though I love high fantasy. I’m glad I read it. Not only is there an interesting society, one starting to cope now that the women have been gone for over twelve years, but there are multiple races: human, felin, the various elementals (naiad, dryad, etc), and a strange, non-corporal being.

The story has some really neat touches (like the country being called Yarn, the main river Twine, main city Rumple, and the felin being anthromorphic cats). The history, both recent and long past, are well thought out and the plot comes up with surprises here and there.

At first, I thought Barren would just be one of those enjoyable stories you read and then put away to not really think about. I was wrong. It snuck up on me and before I’d read a quarter of the story, I was enthralled. Although it really started to get my attention when Ren told Blair off when they first met.

Ms Hedley has crafted a wonderful story that takes you on a ride you won’t forget. A great book for high fantasy, suspense, or mystery stories. I’m definitely looking for more of her books and this one’s going in my favourites.

Reviewed By: Alison

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New Releases from Torquere Press!!

New Releases 5/20/15

Songbook: Paulo and Preston Shorts
by Lee Benoit

204 pages / 59300 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-919-3

Buy Link: http://www.torquerebooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=96&products_id=4391


Cue the music! SONGBOOK collects, for the first time ever, all of the stories in the Paulo and Preston series!

Preston is a lifestyle Dominant, recently retired from a career on stage at an exclusive BDSM club. When the series begins, he’s single and looking forward to a quieter life. All that changes on the night of Preston’s last performance when Paulo, a complete novice, takes the place of Preston’s usual stage submissive. By day Paulo does odd jobs and sings in the Sister City Gay Men’s Chorus. After that first night with Preston, however, he wants more. He wants everything. Can a newbie sub and a gracefully aging Dom learn to harmonize?
Each story chronicles a new phase in Paulo and Preston’s relationship and features song lyrics mangled in deliciously naughty ways by Paulo.

by Madeline Dyer

Pages: 366 / Words: 90800
ISBN: 978-1-61040-917-9

Buy Link: http://www.torquerebooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=96&products_id=4389


As one of the last Untamed humans left in the world, Seven’s life has always been controlled by tight rules. Stay away from the Enhanced. Don’t question your leader. And, most importantly, never switch sides—because once you’re Enhanced there’s no going back. Even if you have become the perfect human being.

But after a disastrous raid on an Enhanced city, Seven soon finds herself in her enemy’s power. Realizing it’s only a matter of time before she too develops a taste for the chemical augmenters responsible for the erosion of humanity, Seven knows she must act quickly if she’s to escape and save her family from the same fate.

Yet, as one of the most powerful Seers that the Untamed and Enhanced have ever known, Seven quickly discovers that she alone holds the key to the survival of only one race. But things aren’t clear-cut anymore, and with Seven now questioning the very beliefs she was raised on, she knows she has an important choice to make. One that has two very different outcomes.

Seven must choose wisely whose side she joins, for the War of Humanity is underway, and Death never takes kindly to traitors.

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Coming 5/27/15

His Womanly Ways
by K. Lynn

Alex is a womanizer. He makes no excuses for it. Yes, he picks up women at the local bar, leaving them with just a memory of a good night and a good lay, but he hasn’t had any complaints yet. That is, until he picks up the wrong woman. Not satisfied to be tossed aside as just another notch in Alex’s bedpost, she curses him, wishing he “knew what it was like for a woman.” And he’s about to find out what she means, embarking on a genderswap journey that he can’t stop.

Alex starts slowly gaining secondary female characteristics. Waking up with his cock gone, replaced by a vagina, was bad enough. Then it gets worse, as his body becomes more like a woman than the man he used to be. Alex tries to hide the changes he’s going through, for fear that someone will discover his secret, but keeping this quite literally “under wraps” might be impossible before the curse runs its course.

With the help of his female best friend, Eve, Alex tries to deal with who he is becoming. He feels like he’s lost his identity, his mind not matching the body he now has. But Eve sticks by him, and they become closer as Alex’s changes progress. What started out as friendship may become something more before Alex’s journey is over. Perhaps this curse was actually a blessing in disguise.

Releasing 5/27/15 – Available Pre-Order: http://www.torquerebooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=200&products_id=4390

Coming Out Catholic
by Alex Dunkin

Like all good Catholic boys I care what Jesus thinks. Jesus — both the man and the faith. Following him makes me happy. There’s just one issue… I think I’m gay. Well, it’s hard to be sure while going to an all-boys school. It could be a matter of simply liking what I know, and really, oh so very much liking what I see all day — guys. Being gay and Catholic can’t possible work together. Can it?

Coming Out Catholic follows a year in the life of a private Catholic school student as he comes to terms with his sexuality. Armed with sarcasm and his best friend Mark, he prepares to take on the school thug and the awkward social encounters plaguing his late teenage years.

Confronting himself and his family are just the beginning of his trials. He finds he must find solace with his sexual desires without surrendering any of his faith. He loves both too much to deny either one, but when the time comes he will have to decide if he must turn away from one and prepare to succumb to a life of denial, or if, by some miracle, he can find acceptance for both within himself.

Releasing 5/27/15 – Available Pre-Order: http://www.torquerebooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=200&products_id=4388

Coming 6/3/15

The Bohemians
by Sean Michael

Topaz is a free-spirit, loving easily, though searching for his true soul-mate. As soon as he meets Quincy, he realizes this is the man who has been calling for him in his dreams and he offers his whole self, body, heart, mind and soul, without thought.

Quincy gives away his heart too easily, and has been hurt in love more than once. Still, that doesn’t stop him from falling head over heels for Topaz when he first meets the man.

It seems like a match made in heaven, but Topaz lives with two men who are his best friends, and also his lovers. Will Quincy ever be able to understand that Topaz has more than enough love in his heart for his best friends and his soul-mate, or will Topaz’s bohemian ways be too much for Quincy to understand?

Originally published in the Bus Stories Anthology.

Releasing 6/3/15 – Available Pre-Order: http://www.torquerebooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=200&products_id=4408

Friday at the 7-Eleven
by J.T. Hall

Brent’s a bully who picks on his workmate Alex. What Brent doesn’t realize, however, is that Alex wants him, but is too scared to ask. Meanwhile Brent’s convinced that all he needs is a firm hand to push him down and force him to be a good guy.

Then he meets Craig, an muscled veteran working at the local 7-Eleven. Craig knows a switch when he sees it, and Brent’s got it written all over him. He needs a hard takedown and some training to harness that sadistic side. Craig decides that what might be best is for all three of them to get together. Only by embracing honesty and self-control can each of them find what they need.

Reawakening by Amy Rae Durreson

Title: Reawakening
Author: Amy Rae Durreson
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 260 pages
Characters: Tarn Amel (Tarnamell) & Alagard
POV: Third Limited
Sub-Genre: Fantasy Saga
Kisses: 5


For a thousand years, since their defeat of the Shadow at Eyr, the dragons have slept under the mountains. Now their king, Tarnamell, has woken. Driven mad by loneliness, he hurls himself south until he finds and tries to claim the Alagard Desert. Unfortunately, the desert already has a guardian spirit, and he doesn’t want to share. Amused by the cocky little desert spirit, Tarn retreats, planning to return in human form.

When his caravan enters the desert, however, Alagard is missing. Rumors fly of a dark power, and soon Tarn’s caravan encounters the living dead and an amnesiac mage called Gard.

Forced to take refuge in the Court of the Shells, a legendary fortress in the heart of the desert, Tarn, Gard, and their allies decide to seek out the Shadow before it destroys the desert. But to confront the Shadow, Tarn needs to gather his strength. A dragon’s power depends on the love and loyalty of his human hoard, but Tarn’s original hoard has been dead for centuries. Before he can face his most ancient enemy, he must win the trust of new followers and the heart of a cynical desert spirit.


“Reawakening” is a fantasy adventure saga worth reading. If you like dragons, you will love this story. The first chapter was so good I had to read it to my sister. Tarnamell is a brilliant portrayal of a dragon, and the backstory is so cleverly inserted into the story, I want to read the story of Eyr (which hasn’t been written and is unlikely to be, although I guess Killan’s might) and the story of Cayl Lattimer and Sethan, which I hope will be written one day.

I can’t say there was a best “bit”, as it was all brilliant, but the first chapter definitely got me hooked. After that, there was no way I could put the book down.

I would recommend this book for lovers of fantasy adventure stories with complex characters, amazing world building (I really could “see” the world, and came to care a great deal for it), and new ways of looking at things.

I cannot recommend this story highly enough.

It was actually the author’s story “The Court of Lightning” from the Goodreads MM Group’s ‘Love’s Landscapes’ event that first caught my attention. From there, I went looking for other free stories, finding “The Lodestar of Ys” and “Emyr’s Smile”, to make check if “The Court of Lightning” was one of those one-off successes. It wasn’t. “Reawakening” is staying on my ereader as one of my favourites and I will be buying the next book as soon as it is available for presale.

Reviewed by Alison

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Forever for Now by Scotty Cade

Title: Forever for Now
Author: Scotty Cade
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 79
Characters: Leeland, Harrison
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance
Kisses: 3


Leeland Jeffers is a contented single man with a thriving career in Atlanta. He’s had a few unsuccessful relationships over the years, but no one has even come close to his first love, Harrison Rhinehart. They met in college when a mutual friend, Suzie Garrison, introduced Harry into their close-knit group. When the supposedly “straight” Harry made a move on Lee, the two men entered into a tumultuous secret love affair. In their senior year, the relationship finally ended when Harry informed Lee he was marrying Suzie.

Since graduation, the college friends have drifted apart. However, an unexpected invitation to a destination wedding seems set to reunite them all. Lee’s speculation on whether Harry and Suzie will make an appearance threatens to derail his attendance. But Lee decides the hell with it and makes plans to go, Harry Rhinehart or no Harry Rhinehart.


When I noticed Forever for Now by Scotty Cade was up to be reviewed, I immediately knew I had to read it. Mr. Cade is one of my go-to authors. I LOVE his books An Unconventional Courtship and An Unconventional Union. When it comes to writing love and romance, Mr. Cade is a master at what he does.

I will admit I didn’t like this book as much as some of the other books Mr. Cade has published. Now, please don’t get me wrong, Forever for Now is a good story. It has two interesting heroes and a solid storyline. I liked it, but I didn’t fall in love with it as I have with some of Mr. Cade’s books in the past.

After I finished reading the story, I’ve really thought and asked myself why I didn’t like this one as much as the others. I think the main reason was the pacing of the story itself. Lee and Harry have basically been in love since college. Harry is afraid of his love and attraction to Lee and dumps him; only to marry a woman the next day. Lee is devastated, but determined to go on with life. He has many one night stands and can never give his heart to another. When they are supposed to meet with their group of friends in Mexico for a wedding, both men are forced to face their past, forgive and face the future together.

I liked both heroes. Lee is intelligent, flirty and can be pretty vampy at times. He’s sexy and his self-confidence made him a tantalizing character. Although he’s had a lot of men in his life, he can’t forget his one true love, Harry. Now, I understood why Lee liked Harry. Through a few flashbacks, we understand why Harry became endearing to Lee. In fact, Lee loves Harry so much, he forgives Harry over and over again, only to get his heart broken in the end.

On the other hand, when Harry dumps Lee to marry his girlfriend, I really wanted to shake some sense into him. Yes, I kinda understood where Harry was coming from, but I still didn’t like it. Harry has worked hard to be successful, but when it comes to his personal life, Harry is a failure. It’s hard to live a lie and be happy. When his wife leaves him the night before their departure for the wedding, Harry becomes determined to win both Lee’s love and forgiveness.

This is where I had a slight niggle with the story. I thought the reunion between the two men was too rushed. I thought Lee’s forgiveness was too quick and would have liked to have seen Harry eat a little crow for hurting him so much. Instead, they almost immediately fall into bed and vow to start their relationship over. In a way, it was romantic, so I think I understand Mr. Cade’s reasoning behind it, but as a reader I wanted more. I wanted more romance. I wanted more groveling. (On Harry’s part…why? Lee deserved it.) I wanted to see how these two men really work at making this relationship a successful one. I wanted Harry to prove himself to Lee. In the end, I guess I just wanted more.

In the end, I still liked this book. I love Mr. Cade’s work and recommend it. The chemistry between Lee and Harry is definitely undeniable. I adored Lee’s personality, and his friends were people that I’d love to hang around. Mr. Cade also has a descriptive storytelling ability that I really enjoy. You’ll feel like you are there with his characters. Whether it’s feeling their pain or enjoying their lives, Mr. Cade knows how to write amazing, romantic stories that can take your breath away. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a favorite of mine, but I might be biased because of my great love for his Unconventional series. I still recommend Forever for Now. It would be a good choice if you are looking for a quick, sexy read. You’ll enjoy the heroes’ chemistry and it has an ending that will leave a smile on your face.

Reviewed By: Gabbi

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The Dating Game by Jay Northcote

Title: The Dating Game
Author: Jay Northcote
Publisher: Jaybird Press
Pages: 88
Characters: Nathan, Owen
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance
Kisses: 5


Five sex-free dates—how hard can it be?

When they were at uni, Owen always had a bit of a crush on Nathan. But Nathan was apparently straight, and Owen was too busy with other guys to take his crush seriously.

When Nathan moves back to Bristol after a year away, Owen hears that Nathan has come out of the closet, and he propositions him. Nathan doesn’t want to be just another notch on Owen’s bedpost, though, so he challenges Owen to prove he can be serious: five dates before they have sex.

Owen doesn’t think that sounds too difficult. He’s expecting Nathan to find his charms irresistible anyway. But as they grow closer, Owen begins to care more about proving himself to Nathan than he does about getting him into bed.


Wow! I really loved this book! I loved the watching these two men truly get to know each other and fall in love. When I started this book, I had no idea I would read it cover to cover without any break whatsoever. The Dating Game is a sexy and beautiful love story and I hated to see it come to an end.

One of the things I really appreciated about this story was the way each hero continued to surprise each other. Sometimes we think we really know each other and make assumptions about people…and they aren’t always right. Nathan and Owen both have some misconceptions *and some right ones, too* about each other and it was a true joy to truly find out what makes the other person tick.

The chemistry between Nathan and Owen was off the charts. I loved watching these two men develop an intense emotional and physical connection between them. I liked them together and loved them as a couple.

I can’t wait to read the next book in the series, The Marrying Kind. It will be great to see how much more their relationship progresses. If you are looking for a quick, sexy and well-written read, The Dating Game by Jay Northcote is definitely the book for you! It’s a perfect choice on a hot summer day! Nothing is better than reading a great, romantic story while you’re soaking in the sun and The Dating Game delivers everything I really love in a story and more!

Highly Recommended!!

Reviewed By: Gabbi

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Mechanically Inclined by Jena Wade

Title: Mechanically Inclined
Author: Jena Wade
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Pages: 38
Characters: Cal Foster, Josh Gibson
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance
Kisses: 4.5


Cal Foster has sworn off men. He is never going to date anyone again, ever. But as the saying goes, never say never, because Josh Gibson isn’t just anyone. Jena Wade brings you all the passion you could hope for in her hot, new contemporary romance, Mechanically Inclined.


Mechanically Inclined is the first book I’ve read by Jena Wade and it definitely won’t be my last. I really enjoyed the writing style this author has and her characters were realistically flawed and likeable people.

One of the things I liked about this book was the chemistry between Cal and Josh. Even though Cal is worn down by bad dates and a very hurtful relationship in his past, he can’t help but be interested and like the new teacher in town, Josh. On the other hand, Josh is immediately attracted to Cal and instinctively wants to get to know him and hopefully date. Josh himself is anxious to start a new life in a small town and when he met Cal, he even hoped he might have found his someone special.

If only Cal would give him a chance.

This book had a small town feel about it. The supporting characters also really brought something interesting to the story itself, and I liked the friendship these people had between them. I also enjoyed watching Cal and Josh slowly begin to trust one another, as well as, the obvious friendship and attraction that builds up between them. The author did a great job at showing these main characters personalities, fears, desires and hopes for a future together. Cal and Josh’s story was a intriguing one, in which I really became invested in what was going to happen next.

I liked these two men and really wanted them to work things out together. The journey they took me on was a deeply satisfying one and I really hated to see the story come to an end. I did think the ending was a tad bit abrupt, but this was still a great read for me. Although the book ends on a very positive note, I truly hope Ms. Wade will write more about these characters in the future. I’d love to read more about them and more about the small town she created.

Satisfyingly sexy and an all around well-written read, Mechanically Inclined is a book that is very easy to recommend. If you are looking for a fast-paced read with heroes that live and breathe off of the written page, this book is definitely for you!

Highly Recommended!

Reviewed By: Gabbi