Brokenhearted by Cate Ashwood

Title: Hope Cove, Book 1: Brokenhearted
Author: Cate Ashwood
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 208
Characters: Oliver Parrish and Sheriff Owen Macklin
Sub-Genre: Romance
Kisses: 4


Oliver Parrish has been alone in the world since he was born. So when Sheriff Owen “Mack” Macklin shows up on his doorstep to deliver the news that Oliver’s sister has died, he’s beyond surprised.

Still, Oliver returns with Mack to Hope Cove, Maine, hoping to get to know the sister he never knew he had. As he tries to snap these new elements into his solitary life, he’s not sure how they might fit.

His life is shaken up further as he falls in love with the irresistible town of Hope Cove, and with Mack, its equally irresistible sheriff. But when he receives devastating news about his sister’s cause of death, Oliver doesn’t know whether to stay and fight for love and a good life, or cut his losses and run.


Brokenhearted by Cate Ashwood has a great storyline with strong well rounded characters.

Oliver has been alone in this world since he was born. His mom gave him up at birth, and he lived the rest of his childhood in foster home after foster home.

When the handsome Sheriff Owen shows up on his doorstep to tell him he not only had a sister, but that she passed away before they could meet, he is very unsure what to do.

Oliver decides to go back with Owen to the small town of Hope Cove and see what he can learn of his sister and her best friend. In the process he finds himself, a home for the first time and a love he never thought he could have.

Great story!


Reviewed By: Jerry


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Until the Sunset by Avril Ashton

Title: Until the Sunset
Author: Avril Ashton
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Pages: 116
Genre: Contemporary Alternative (mm) Romance
Kisses: 4


The need to lose himself in an anonymous hookup sends Hayden Yune into the arms of Garnett McKaye. Hayden finds comfort and passion, but not the ability to stop wanting his personal driver. Despite attempting to build on the bliss he finds with Garnett, Hayden can’t fight what he feels for Drew.

Drew Sparkes has to watch Hayden with someone else, but that doesn’t mean he’s given up trying to get Hayden underneath him. Soon Drew’s in competition with Garnett for Hayden’s affection. A battle that’s called off when Hayden proclaims he wants them both.

Of course Garnett isn’t interested in anyone but Hayden. Which doesn’t explain why he gets a hard-on pushing Drew’s buttons. Or how Drew’s tongue keeps ending up shoved down Garnett’s throat. While working out how the three of them fit together, they still have to deal with pasts intent on holding them back…at least until the sunset.


I found Until the Sunset by Avril Ashton to be a real nice read, and the characters are easy to like once the jealousy is dealt with.

Hayden and Garnet are really hot together, but then add Drew and you got some smoking hot scenes.

Hayden tells some hard truths about his history with his deceased husband, and his now trust issues and Drew’s past won’t let him go, but the three of them together is effortless.

If you want a read about three sexy men together with some angst, but not so much that it’s a downer then you will enjoy this book.

Avril Ashton is an author you will want to keep going back to and her Brooklyn Sinners Series are a must read!

Reviewed by: Cheryl


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The Boy Who Came in From the Cold by BG Thomas

Title: The Boy Who Came in From the Cold
Author: B.G. Thomas
Publisher: Dreamspinner
Pages: 284
Characters: Todd Burton and Gabe Richards
Sub-Genre: Romance
Kisses: 4.5


Todd Burton has had enough of small-town Buckman. His abusive stepfather calls him a fag; his friend Austin makes him realize he may be gay, but Todd doesn’t want to admit his stepfather is right; and he dreams of being a chef. Three good reasons to flee his hometown and pursue greener pastures. But when Todd reaches the big city, his luck runs dry. Soon he can’t pay his rent and gets evicted. In the middle of a snowstorm.
Gabe Richards is a wealthy businessman with enough wounds of his own to make him afraid of ever being intimate again. But when he sees Todd outside his building, freezing to death, he takes pity on him and takes him in from the cold.
To their mutual surprise, Todd and Gabe find themselves drawn to each other. “One night” turns into a week. Maybe letting a man in from the cold can melt the ice around Gabe’s heart—and maybe getting evicted will turn Todd’s luck around.


The Boy Who Came in From the Cold by BG Thomas is a wonderful story of two men with so much baggage they hardly know what to do with it, yet somehow find each other and make it work.

Todd Burton has had enough pain in his short life. He moves to the big city looking for a dream and to search for a brighter future. But it quickly turns out to be much harder than he thought. When he finds himself homeless in the middle of a blizzard he is totally unsure what to do with himself.

Gabe has had horrible luck with men. When he found his partner in bed with his friend, he has stayed away from love ever since. But when he sees the young man in front of his building, he cannot help but to try to help the guy. What starts as “paying it forward” turns into looking forward to the future, and what it can do for both men.

The Boy Who Came in From the Cold is easy to read with very strong characters. I liked how these two characters found love and the journey they had to get there.


Reviewed By: Jerry


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Tread Marks and Trademarks by SA McAuley

Title: Team Maker Jock, Book 1: Tread Marks and Trademarks
Author: S.A. McAuley
Publisher: Wilde City Press
Words: 50,000
Characters: Alex Maddox and Christian Lawson
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Comedy, Geeks
Kisses: 4


Alex Maddox may be a genius. Or not. In thirty-four days he’ll know for sure. The robot he’s been perfecting for the last four years is finally ready. Alex won’t accept anything less than perfection—if he can keep a broken air conditioner, a flaky twin brother, a thirtieth birthday, and falling for the Norse god of advertising from derailing him.

Christian Lawson is an advertising god. A blond hottie with the beautiful brains to match. He’s worked hard to move past the accident that nearly took his legs, but it’s been years since he let any man get close enough to see just how deep his scars really go.

Christian isn’t the advertising executive Alex expected, and Alex isn’t the coolly confident inventor Christian’s had his eye on for years. But what they discover in each other may just be better than what either of them could have hoped for.

NOTE: This is a previously published work. The publisher has changed.


Tread Marks and Trademarks is a good, easy contemporary read with realistic characters and situations. Alex Maddox is driven, not by his career, but by his love of the Maker Movement. And like many, he considers himself to be average, nothing special. Christian Lawson disagrees; he things Alex is very interesting.

I really enjoyed the comedic notes that Ms McAuley injected into her story, and the fact that although there was some angst in the form of miscommunication, it wasn’t wallowed in and instead balanced the rest of the story. I also found Alex Maddox to be extremely relatable; after all, many people don’t understand my love of books, just like they don’t understand his enjoyment of the Maker Movement.

Not being a huge contemporary reader, this was only a four star for me, but if you love contemporary stories, you’ll probably find it to be a five. Ms McAuley is a strong, talented writer with the ability to make you feel like you are there, watching the story in person.

Reviewed By: Alison

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Trailer Park Abe by Dominique Gerald

Title: All American Studs, Book 1: Trailer Park Abe
Author: Dominique Gerald
Publisher: Self-Published
Pages: 72
Characters: Atwood, Reece
POV: 1st
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Series
Kisses: 3.75


Atwood was meant to achieve great things in his life. Instead, he had a shotgun wedding to his high-school sweetheart Jessica, and wound up slaving away every night, working six days a week in a meat packing factory to support his new trailer park family. His wife’s been cheating on him. Their house is a dump. He’s given up all hope of a better life when his brother-in-law comes up with a plan for Atwood to earn them a stash of easy cash … as an amateur performer on All American Studs, the hottest gay website on the internet. He takes on the role of Abe, a sophomore football jock in college. The solo video is a hit and he’s invited back to film a duo, which comes with a far bigger payday. This could be Atwood’s chance to leave the trailer park behind, and he might just find true love along the way.


Trailer Park Abe is the first book I’ve read by this author and I have to say it was a pretty HAWT read! Told in first person through Atwood’s point of view, we get to experience his life and his journey to sexual discovery first hand.

At the beginning of the story, Atwood is a pretty miserable man. He works a job he hates, has a wife who is not only cheating on him, but hooked on drugs as well, and lives with her freeloading family whom are even more miserable than he is. Abe has always questioned his sexuality, but because of fear and an early shotgun wedding, he’s pushed his attraction to other men aside. When his wife and her family suggest (and really put on A LOT of pressure) for Atwood to star in gay-for-pay porn to make ends meet, he somewhat reluctantly agrees. What he doesn’t realize is how much this is going to change his life and free up his inhibitions toward being sexual with another man.

I liked this story. Atwood is a good man, albeit a bitter one. I was glad to see him get himself together and leave his wife and her horrible family behind. I also liked the journey Atwood goes through, as well as, his acceptance of his attraction and budding feelings toward his co-star, Reece.

Reece was simply adorable. I thought he was sexy, fun and an all-around interesting character. Although we don’t get to know him as well as we do Atwood, I really enjoyed every scene they had together in the story. The story ends on a very positive note. It has more of a HFN ending than a HEA, but I have high hopes for these two men.

Trailer Park Abe is an erotic read that would be a good choice if you are in the mood for a quick, hot summer read. Although, I would have liked to have more romance between the two heroes, the chemistry between them made this a very enjoyable read for me. If you are looking for a strictly romantic tale, this might not be for you, as it is more of an erotic story, but it’s still oh…so…satisfying. Since this is the first book in a series, I’m definitely interested in what the author has in store for us next.


Reviewed By: Gabbi


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Chasing the Horizon by Scotty Cade

Title: Chasing the Horizon
Author: Scotty Cade
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 198
Characters: Garner Hold and Hawken Bristol
Sub-Genre: Romance
Kisses: 4


Needing a lifestyle change, Garner Holt, an uptight workaholic psychologist, buys a sailboat and trades in his prestigious job in New York City for a life on the water. After engine failure and six weeks in Savannah, Georgia for repair, he arrives in Key West, Florida early one morning and encounters a half-dressed hooligan walking along the docks of the marina. Garner immediately thinks this barefoot and shirtless man with a shaved head, multiple tattoos, and piercings in every orifice is going to rob him. He prepares for the worst. Instead, the stranger passes Garner by and climbs on a boat two slips down. With the threat of danger gone, Garner is surprisingly intrigued.

Hawken Bristol is used to being on the receiving end of stereotypes. He sees the fear on the stranger’s face, recognizes the rigidity in his stance, but is too tired from his wild night of partying to engage the frightened stranger. A few cat and mouse encounters around town lead to an uncanny attraction. However, after Garner helps Hawken dock his boat in a windstorm, sparks start to fly. But this new liaison brings up old baggage that threatens to derail everything they have going.


Garner Holt has done everything in his power to be a successful psychologist. Being the youngest ever to become the head of his department it is not without its downside. His has no personal life and has taken no time off. After years of this, he becomes burnt out and exhausted. Taking an early retirement and deciding to travel the coast on his sail boat, he sets off to new adventures.

Hawken is a walking contradiction. He is tattooed from head to toe and is covered with piercings. Because of his appearance, no one expects much of him. They don’t care how smart he is or how his friend is his center.

When the two men meet (not on great circumstances) the spark is lit. With both men not wanting a relationship they decide to have fun until one or both moves on.

Chasing Horizons by Scotty Cade is a solid, very enjoyable read.
The characters were strong and very well rounded and the plot was great! Scotty Cade did a wonderful job bringing you into their world and letting you be a part of it!

Reviewed By: Jerry


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Free Books

A Bell for AndySeventh Window is giving away 10 free copies of the new GL Roberts book, A Bell for Andy, when you buy directly from them and use code 5bd4071490 at checkout.

Brian Gallagher and Andy McGrath grew up in the south end of Boston in the 1950s. They went to the same catholic school, had the same interest in Ireland, had both been hospitalized for Scarlet Fever–they even shared a room–and grew up having the same dreams that took place during a time they did not live and involved people they did not know.

Some of us are meant to relive history…

One night during a party, Brian and Andy share a kiss that changes their lives and their friendship forever.

to remember a past that is not our own…

It isn’t until high school that Brian realizes that he loves Andy, but his love isn’t returned in kind and the two boys go their separate ways… but the dreams continue.

discover a curse that rules our lives…

When Brian learns that Andy is in the hospital after being hit by a car, his life becomes torn apart. For the only way to save Andy is to discover the truth behind their shared dreams and uncover a history he’s not sure is real.

and will be relived again if it’s not broken.

For Brian and Andy share a secret that spans time and have a connection that runs deeper than friendship.


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