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As of today, I have come to the decision to close the doors. We’ve had a long run and a great time reading and reviewing the many stories we have.  We have all met wonderful people along our almost five year journey, however…All good things must come to an end.

This has been coming for a while now. I tried to find a way to keep this going, but one or two people can’t possibly keep up with the demand. There are too many books to be read, too many reviews to be done, and too much posting on a daily basis. We’ve had many reviewers and people who ran this blog for me and with me, but it’s a lot of work that no one has time for.

To all of the publishers, authors and readers, it’s been great…We will miss this, but we all need to move on and in other directions.

The site will remain as it is until December 1st. At that time, this site will be taken down.


torquere new releases


BOO! We’ve got some “it’s almost Halloween” spooky sales going on this week — get 20% off selected titles from Kiernan Kelly, BA Tortuga, and Ari McKay!  You can also use the coupon code BOO through October 10/31/14 to get an additional 40% off.

Eternally Dark

by John Amory, Jenna Jones, TA Moore, BA Tortuga

177 pages / 53100 words

ISBN: 978-1-61040-824-0


Buy Link:


What might make a vampire vulnerable enough to take a human lover? What if they were blind, and needed what a human could give them, not just blood, but sight?

In Blind Eye of the Sun, TA Moore gives us a dystopian, ruined pleasure planet where humans and vamps fight for resources. Jenna Jones pens Aubade, where a young slam poet finds both fear and excitement in the arms of a vampire. In John Amory’s Spearmint Warning, a vampire teaches a hot barista all about mint leaves and tea. Finally, in Those Who Cannot See, BA Tortuga gives us a historical cowboy who’s nearly been hanged and the vampire who saved him.

Includes the following stories:

Aubade by Jenna Jones

Who Can Not See by BA Tortuga

Blind Eye of the Sun by TA Moore

Spearmint Warning by John Amory

Ghosts and Ghouls, a Halloween Collection

by Kiernan Kelly

94 pages / 28800 words

ISBN: 978-1-61040-818-9


Buy Link:


This collection brings together an eclectic mix of smoking hot vampires, werewolves, ghosts, classic literary monsters, and demons in five spooky, sexy stories. In “Things That Go Bump,” we meet an Old World vampire living in modern day New Orleans who yearns for some hot sex and a new way of life.

In “Through the Veil,” Alex Martin grows up with a unique talent – he can see and speak to ghosts. One in particular, sexy cop Charlie, is different from the rest. When Alex realized he has an actual physical connection with Charlie, things quickly go from spooky to smoking hot.

Werewolf Valerian is on the prowl for sex in “Were the Moon Touches.” When he stumbles across hot, young Christo, a shifter on the run from another pack, he’s ready for some action. He gets his wish when he and Christo find out they have more in common than a taste in dance clubs – they’re mates, and now they have two packs hunting for them.

“Love Between Fiends” is a homage to two great literary monsters – Dracula and the Frankenstein Monster. In this sizzling little story, when the Dracula finds the Monster, they recognize in each other a kindred spirit, and form an unlikely alliance that matures into something else – a desire for one another, and a resolution to keep White Chapel, in 1888 London free from any other monster, including the one currently prowling the streets – Jack the Ripper.

In “Abracadabra,” what better way for a demon like Hex to make a living in modern day New York than as one half of a psychic con artist team? Together with his human lover Greg, they rake in the cash, and have lots of hot sex, but feel something is missing from their relationship.  They may just find their answer in the form of Mark O’Brian, a wealthy CFO at his wits end, who comes to them for help.

Previously published as independent shorts by Torquere Press.

The Demon’s Door

by Ari McKay

137 pages / 42000 words

ISBN: 978-1-61040-819-6


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When Thomas Carter discovers his grandfather’s hidden journals, detailing the old man’s fight against the supernatural, he knows he’s found his true calling at last. Yet when he sets out to stake a local vampire, he quickly learns that the difference between Good and Evil is very different than what he had believed.

Julian Schaden is at first amused when Thomas tries to destroy him, but he quickly recognizes Thomas for what he is: a Demon Hunter, a supernatural being who exists to hunt and destroy the soulless. The two are drawn together as Julian teaches Thomas the skills he will need to survive, and attraction intensifies to something deeper. But when a major demonic manifestation looms at Halloween, will they have the strength to face it, when failure might condemn them both to an eternity in Hell?

Coming Next Week…

Cereus: Training

by Sean Michael, Julia Talbot and BA Tortuga

Genre: Paranormal/Horror

Two Guys Walk Into an Apocalypse 3

by V.L. Locey

Paul, Gordon, and their ragtag band of zombie hunters are searching for a winter stronghold. Will undead lumberjacks, wandering moose, and other less-than-friendly survivors put a crimp in their homesteading plans?!

Genre: Paranormal/Horror, Apocalyptic, Romantic-Comedy

Velvet Diamonds, a Velvet Glove short story collection

by Sean Michael

Velvet Diamonds brings together five short stories from the Velvet Glove world. Each of these gems explores the coming together of Tops and bottoms at the universe’s most exclusive BDSM club.

Genre: Contemporary, BDSM



BOO! We’ve got some super spooky sales going on this week — get 20% off selected titles from Aaron Michaels!

Bump in the Night
by Aaron Michaels
76 pages / 22100 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-816-5


Buy Link:


Together again for the first time – four tales of paranormal love by erotic romance writer Aaron Michaels just in time for Halloween.

The ghost in Haunted returns every year to spend Halloween night in the bed of the man he loves, only this year his lover looks older—frailer—and the ghost must face the possibility that their time together might be drawing to an end. The shapeshifter who plays with the minds of men, giving them instensely erotic dreams, finds himself confronted in Dream Lover with a situation none of his kind has ever experienced: he’s fallen in love with the man he visits, only the shapeshifter’s repeated presence in the man’s mind threatens his sanity. In Billy and the Ghosts, a young man’s midnight visit to the grave of a murdered madame transports him to a Comstock bordello where he meets a sexy, if ghostly, male prostitute. And for the centuries old vampire of Bound by Blood, a simple purchase of blood from a living, willing, and handsome man leads to the kind of bond the vampire has avoided his entire life—a bond of love and dependence.

Previously published by Torquere as individual sips, these four stories are now available in a single collection. So grab your favorite shapeshifter, ghost, vampire or ghoul and treat yourselves to this sexy collection of supernatural love.

New Beginnings

by Kyle Adams
92 pages / 30000 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-817-2


Buy Link:


Urban Sinclair thinks he has it all. An amazing life and a nice house he shares with Tyson, his boyfriend of eight years. Urban learns the hard way that life is full of surprises and people aren’t always as happy as he thinks. Unexpectedly single and heartbroken, Urban knows he can only take life one day at a time. A daunting endeavor while he still shares a house with the man responsible for shattering his heart.

Before Urban can even begin grieving, let alone moving on, Tyson makes a shocking revelation that spins his world around for an extra loop. Can this new discovery show Urban that life isn’t about endings but about making memories and sharing limitless new beginnings?

Coming Next Week…

Eternally Dark Anthology
by John Amory, Jenna Jones, TA Moore, BA Tortuga

What could possibly make a vampire vulnerable? What if they were blind? Still sexy, these vamps make their men swoon. Featuring John Amory, Jenna Jones, TA Moore and BA Tortuga.

Genre: Paranormal/Horror

Ghosts and Ghouls
by Kiernan Kelly

Want a bite of paranormal delight this Halloween? These five short, spooky, sexy stories bring together an eclectic mix of our favorite monsters!

Genre: Paranormal/Horror

The Demon’s Door
by Ari McKay

When Thomas Carter sets out to stake a vampire, he finds out the true difference between Good and Evil. Can Julian Schaden teach him about his own abilities – and the power of love – before it’s too late?

Genre: Paranormal/Horror

Cowboy Pride by Carol Lynne

Title: Cowboy Pride
Author: Carol Lynne
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing
Pages: 73
Characters: Dub Walker, Shane Ackerman
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Cowboy/Western, Erotic Romance

4 kisses


Two unconventional cowboys make an unconventional relationship work.

As owner of the Rocking W, Dub Walker’s job is to make sure his cowboys keep their minds on their jobs and not the hot rough stock riders who come to the ranch to train. It hasn’t always been easy for Dub to resist the sweet young things, but he’s been doing less prowling since realising there’s only one man on the ranch for him.

For years, Shane Ackerman has tried to prove to Dub that they’re right for each other. Unfortunately, the man Shane loves and worships pushes him away at every turn. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, Shane does what any twenty-something man would do—has sex, lots of it.

Dub could easily take Shane to his bed, but he wants more from the younger man than a roll in the hay. With temptation around the ranch seven days a week, Dub knows monogamy will be a problem for both of them. With the help of a friend and a bit of soul searching, Dub discovers the only people qualified to define a relationship are those in it.


This is a very frustrating story. At first. There’s misunderstandings and annoying side characters and so much sexual intrigue it’ll make you hopping mad. Why can’t Dub and Shane just get together, dammit? But… that’s also why this story kinda works. Both men have their pride. Dub’s hung up on preconceptions and petty jealousies, and Shane’s a sort of a slut but with a heart of gold. Still, they’re men, and as men it takes them a while to get to talking things through and really seeing one another. But, when they finally manage to negotiate a mutually satisfying relationship agreement, all bets are off.

Dub’s hedging in starting a relationship with Shane is a bit irritating, his reasoning I mean. But, on the other hand, a man like him understands that monogamy enforced by society’s standards doesn’t always work for everyone.

There’s a big section in the story where the two men have gone their separate ways, and there’s sleeping with other men before Dub and Shane get together. If you consider that cheating, then steer clear. There’s also a modicum of violence in this story, and an ample dose of irritating men.

In any case, this story ends abruptly, with several loose threads left unsolved, like what happens with Trent and Justice. That bugged me quite a bit. But there’s a sequel involving Dub, Shane and Cash. I’m definitely looking forward to that. The romance ends up being quite sweet, not to mention hot between the sheets. A good cowboy story even though it ends sort of in the middle.

Reviewed By: Susan


Nothing Special by Jay Northcote

NothingSpecialSMTitle: Nothing Special

Author Jay Northcote

Publisher: Dreamspinner


Characters: Noah and Sol


4 kisses







Noah thinks he’s nothing special. Average height, a bit on the skinny side, and cute but rather geeky, he’s relentlessly ordinary. He certainly doesn’t expect to be noticed by Sol, the gorgeous dark-haired stranger Noah sees on his commute home most days. But when Noah’s friend, Dom, persuades Noah to take a huge risk in a bid to get Sol’s attention, things turn out better than Noah dared to hope. Noah and Sol start dating, and much to Noah’s surprise, his feelings seem to be reciprocated.

But Noah’s insecurities make him doubt Sol. He doesn’t believe he’s interesting enough or sexy enough to hold Sol’s attention, and as Sol tries to get closer, Noah’s instinct is to pull away to protect himself. If their relationship is going to survive, Sol needs to convince Noah that he sees Noah very differently than Noah sees himself. Because to Sol, Noah is something very special indeed.



Classic story of two men trying to find a way to make it work. Noal is a bit geeky, average looking with a decent job and horrible self esteem. He would never dream that a man like Sol would find him attractive, much less want to be with him. Sol is the sexy guy that Noah has been dreaming about for months. Every day they see each other on the train. Every day Noah wants to talk to him and every day he chickens out. When Noah’s best friend talks him into placing an ad in the paper Sol reads everyday Noah finds out that sometimes life is worth taking a chance


Matters of Courtship by C. M. Jackson

MattersofCourtshipTitle: Matters of Courtship

Author C.M. Jackson

Publisher: Dreamspinner

Pages: 250

Characters: William Samuel Davis and Luca O’Malley-Hamilton

Sub-Genre love story





Crown Prince of the United Kingdom of America, William Samuel Davis, has recently been outed by the press. Worse yet, he’s been thrown into an arranged marriage with one of the stuffiest people he knows—one Lucas O’Malley-Hamilton. It’s a match made in hell, and William fully intends to make everyone see the error of their ways and send Lucas back home on the first available flight.

But things quickly get more complicated than William had thought possible as the antimonarchy crowd uses his outing against him. As he is forced to face the realities of his position, he finds himself drawn to sides of Lucas he hadn’t known existed. Tensions rise throughout the country and in William’s world. While the situation absolutely refuses to improve, it can and will get worse.



Extremely fun story to read. From the beginning I couldn’t tell if they were going to kill each other or love each other. Will has recently outed himself to the press. The only real problem with this is he did it before telling any of his family. The king and queen are really not happy about this. Take this with a long line of discrepancies from the prince and they have had enough. Time for the prince to grow up and take responsibility. They call in the big gun’s.. Grandma. The fiery little lady that has everyone a little scared. They have decided that it is time for Will to get married, and they have worked out all the details. Even the groom. Lucas has known his entire life this is what would happen. He would be betrothed to a man he doesn’t know to make his country stronger. What he never expected was Will. Will is arrogant, stubborn, careless and definitely not happy about getting married. Forced into companionship the two must learn to know each other, preferably without killing each other.


Reviewed By: Jerry

A Royal Affair by John Wiltshire

RoyalAffair[A]Title: A Royal Affair

Author John Wiltshire

Publisher: Dreamspinner

Pages: 259

Characters: Nikolai Hartmann and Prince Aleksey

Sub-Genre love story





Doctor Nikolai Hartmann represents himself as a learned man of science who believes wholly in the rational and scientific above all else. In reality, he is a man haunted by an unusual past and running from his own nature. While the Reformation transforms much of Europe, it has yet to touch Hesse-Davia; this is a land mired in superstition with cruel punishments for crimes such as witchcraft and sodomy.

While traveling to the dying king’s bedside to offer his medical expertise, Nikolai is set upon by a bandit. Reaching the king’s ancient stronghold, he discovers his mysterious brigand is the beautiful, arrogant Prince Aleksey. Aleksey is everything Nikolai is not: unguarded, passionate, and willful. Despite their differences, Nikolai feels an irresistible desire for the young royal that keeps him in Aleksey’s thrall.

But Hesse-Davia is a dangerous world for a newly crowned king who wants to reform his country—and for the man who loves him.



Dr Nikolay is a man of science and rational thinking. It is what makes his so good at what he does. He is also a man haunted by his past and his desires. When he is asked to help a king is a different part of the world his never expects to find what he finds. This part of the world is dark, deeply religious and ruled in hate and fear. His voyage is hard enough but what he finds with the king is worse. He cannot solve this mystery, who is poisoning the king. What is even more troubling to Nikolai is this strong passion for the young prince and the fact that the prince seems to be drawn to him at every turn. But in a country where sodomy is punishable by death Nikolai knows not to let anything happen. Swept into a world of deceit, mystery and power Nikolai must learn to trust himself, and Aleksey if he is to survive.

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Reviewed By: Jerry